Jeffrey will be taking you out into the high vibrational waters of Hawaii to give you the time needed to have direct interactions with the Dolphins.

These dolphins will be connecting with you in their natural environment on their own terms. When they swim with you, they will be doing much more than playing with you (which they LOVE to do) over time you may become sensitive enough to feel them ‘scanning’ you and assisting you on your AWAKENing process. So many people have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual effects from these encounters. Oh, and remind Jeffrey to share his story about the mother whale, calf and escort that showed up in the bay, on his birthday.

Time with the dolphins is powerful, expansive and AWAKENS what is known as the Inner Heart (something you will learn about and experience during the retreat). As a BONUS Jeffrey will be teaching you animal (dolphin) communication. This will add a whole new dimension to your interactions. Animal and other earth communication is one of many tools you will learn this week  that you can also take home with you.


Your being will be nourished with an abundance of amazingly delicious, high vibrational vegan and raw foods with luscious tropical fruits and island grown vegetables skillfully made into magical feasts. This highly solar charged diet is designed to assist you on your journey of AWAKENing.

Included in our program, you will experience the importance of pure food and how this assists us in healing our bodies, minds and in raising our consciousness.

You will also learn the importance of and experience the practice of Sun Gazing as a source of solar nourishment.

Please let us know if you have any dietary needs or restrictions in advance so we can better serve you.


You will be staying at Whale Song. A beautiful secluded retreat sanctuary that overlooks Kealakekua Bay.

This bay is highly charged which is why it is a safe haven for the dolphins and an occasional whale and her calf.

The serenity of the open air design allows for the soul to breathe fully during the meditation and workshop times.

Evening dinners out on the deck allow for a full embrace of the sun as it sets over the bay. Private and shared accommodations are available.


You will be engaged in a full immersion experience, designed to re-connect you with yourself, in a loving supportive environment. This will allow you to generate an even deeper connection when interacting with the dolphins (and whales) and the spiritual lands of Hawaii.

Each day you will have the opportunity to practice meditation, in the open air to align the body and mind. You will also be introduced to various mystical practices and healings shared to relax and awaken your soul energies.

Jeffrey will be sharing their teaching of how to AWAKEN your light from within.

You will be given the rare opportunity to witness how they draw upon infinite lifetimes of experience to raise the internal frequencies to meet the necessary evolutionary impulses of these times.

Throughout the AWAKEN retreat Jeffrey will share with you his stories of their direct and intimate interactions with Spirit.

5) HEALINGS Learn, Receive and Give:

Throughout this full immersion week, you will have the opportunity to receive and be taught ancient techniques on how to heal yourself and others.

Jeffrey is a gifted teacher and has taught all over the world. Time with him is like connecting to a deep ocean of experience and wisdom as he brings this forward to share with you.

Many healing tools will be explored including vibrational, frequency and energy healing. Time will be spent focusing on powerful elements and techniques which are specifically designed to raise yourself (and others) into a more luminous embodiment.



Some may wish to join Jeffrey for an early rise and morning adventure to the bays to see if the dolphins have come in.


For others they may wish a quiet meditation to nourish awaken your soul each morning.


For those who need, lite and local fruit will be awaiting you to help energize your day.


When the dolphins are in we will swim. On a morning they are not, we may still swim or connect with the earth to work together to further AWAKEN our souls.

Each day you will be gifted an opportunity to explore you and awaken your soul.

Certain days we may choose to explore other bays to connect with the ancient turtles and the power mana that the island has to offer.

We will also find time to learn and deepen the practice of the healing techniques we learn throughout the week.


After a morning adventure/swim with the dolphins or learning session, natural and healthy food will be lovingly prepared for you.


More natural and healthy food will be lovingly prepared for you to help energize your day.


Your journey and healing as you AWAKEN will continue. If  the dolphins are active we will swim. If they are not we will work together in session to further awaken our souls.

This retreat will be held over the full moon cycle. This is when the dolphins are most active. However, some days they go into their ‘sleep’ mode shortly before our lunch time.

We may even get an afternoon, warm rain shower. This allows for a perfect time to practice what we have learned, have one-on-one time Jeffrey and/or yourself… or just take a needed nap


More natural and healthy foods will be lovingly prepared for you as we join together to witness and celebrate the sun set over the bay.


Depending on the evening, Jeffrey wil go deeper into the mysteries of the awakening process.


Here are some basics to consider:

  • light comfortable, casual summer clothes
  • sandals/water shoes (the sand can get hot and a few of the ‘beaches’ are black lava rocks and boulders)
  • walking/hiking shoes
  • small Camelback for water
  • swim suit(s)
  • large beach towels
  • bamboo/straw beach mat
  • sunglasses
  • natural sunscreen (no chemicals please)
  • hat
  • light tunic / t-shirt for after swim – if there is a light breeze
  • light raincoat for short afternoon rain shower
  • book for light reading during an afternoon or evening.
  • journal
  • notebook and pens (colored if you prefer)
  • camera (underwater camera is ideal)
  • beach bag/backpack to carry your stuff


Here are some things consider:

You will most likely want to have snorkel, mask, and fins. It will greatly improve your experience with the dolphins and when visiting other reefs to check out fish and turtles.


Check out http://www.tropicalsnorkeling.com/snorkeling-fins.html for more information on different types of fins.

Jeffrey has been swimming with the dolphins for over 14 years. He recommends an Open Foot Fin with Boots. Yes, it is slightly more expensive and worth the investment. This allows you to put the boots on first/last and walk in and out of the water with ease.

As for Paddle or Split Fins – he has both and says there is no real difference and it is just a personal preference.


Check out http://www.tropicalsnorkeling.com/snorkel.html for more information on snorkels.

Jeffrey would recommend the Dry Snorkel as sometimes with low waves you can get some water down the tube.


Check out http://www.tropicalsnorkeling.com/snorkeling-mask.html for more information on masks.

Again this will come down to personal preference. This is something you are best trying before buying to get something that is a comfortable fit for you. A good mask will give you a great experience. A cheap mask will ruin it.

For those who wear glasses, check out this page on prescription masks if contacts are not an option for you. http://www.tropicalsnorkeling.com/prescription-snorkel-mask.html


The average water in Kealakekua Bay and the other area we may swim is about 76-78 F or 25 C.

If you are someone who gets cold easily, you may consider a surfer’s Rash Guard Swim Shirt. They can protect you from long sun exposure if you do not have a good tan base as you might be out in the water for a few hours and they can hold in a bit of body heat as well. Swim shirts are a personal preference.


If you have access to a local dive shop in your area we would encourage you to start there so you can try out your equipment first. A second option is online and many have great return policies if what your purchased does not fit. For those who arrive a day early into Kona, there are plenty of local dive shops in Kona where you can purchase quality equipment. Because of ease of online shopping and other local competition they do not ‘tourist increase’ their prices.