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What airport do I fly into?

You will fly into the KOA – Kona International Airport.

Do I need to rent a car?

Yes, you will want to rent a car as we will be journeying to sacred sites and other beaches. All the major car renal companies are available at the Kona airport.

However, if you are open to sharing the driving and rental car expenses. let us know and we will do our best to coordinate you with another participant.

How experienced of a swimmer do I need to be?

If you feel you have the ability to snorkel (float on the surface and kick your feet) that is good start. Dolphins are able to sense your level and will often come to you if you are relaxed and calm. If at any time you feel you have had enough you can casually swim back to shore and rest.

Each person will have a swim partner to ensure you have fun and a safe experience.

Some people will bring a floatation device to ease any concerns they might have about their swimming stamina.

Honor your limits. If the water is too rough or too deep, or the dolphins are too far out for your comfort… don’t go. Your joy and safety is the number one priority.

Some people may prefer to ‘hold space’ on land and connect with the dolphins that way. They are amazing beings and will share this connection with you as well. If this is not something you currently know how to do – Grace and Jeffrey will teach you.

What time does the retreat officially begin? Should I arrive the day before?

Check into WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is about 3pm. We will be on “Hawaii time” so it is a bit of go with the flow.

When to best arrive will depend on your flight arrival: Some are flying a red eye and coming in the morning of. It is suggested to come in the night before and rent a hotel for the one night before the retreat to allow for jet lag.

Is the night of the end date included?

Jeffrey will be having the closing ceremony on the Morning of the last day as mopst have afternoon or evening flights. Some people may choose to stay  to see more of the island and integrate. This is something Jeffrey would encourage and would be very powerful. If you would like to stay longer, rooms at WhaleSpirit may be available. 

Can I come for just a couple of days?

No. The retreats are a full immersion experience. Many of the mystic lessons we will be teaching have a certain process and often take days to unfold. To learn these teachings and it will take the entire time we have together to ensure they are embodied.

How often will we be swimming with the dolphins?

That is up to the dolphins (and up to you). They come in on their schedule and you can chose to join for a swim or connect with them on the shore. They tend to come into one of the bays in the early morning from evening ‘fishing for food’. They are usually ready for their ‘sleep’ before noon. When they are in we will swim.

Do I need to participate in everything offered?

We request that you follow your inner guidance. We are here to honor and support you on your journey in what ever form that takes.

What else do I need to know about swimming with dolphins?

We will go over all of this with you when you arrive so do not feel you need to read this all now. – Grace and Jeffrey

Their Habitat

Spinner Dolphins are nocturnal and use the sheltered bays during the day as resting, mating, and play areas. Dolphins will also use these bays as a nursery or healing time for a injured dolphin. We will always enter the water as a respectful guest visiting their home.

Etiquette and respect:  A Simple Guide to Swimming with Dolphins

Allow the pod to approach you.

They will make a clear and very conscious choice to initiate interaction with you.

Dolphins have moods like we do. Sometimes they are sociable and sometimes not. At the beginning of the retreat we will show you the cues to look for to be able to always honor their space and behavior patterns.

If the dolphins have given you quality time and have swum off somewhere else, honor that and thank them for the time you had. Be patient. They may be back. They love to share their joy and the best thanks you can give them is watching when they are off loving others who are also in need of some dolphin time.

How to swim with dolphins.

Swim with your arms at your side. Over arm swimming, chasing after, or reaching toward them will alarm them and they will move away. Please don’t try to touch them – the oils on your skin can cause irritations to the dolphins outer coating.

Dolphins are very aware of your body language and the energy you radiate. They will connect with you through their sonar and telepathically. If you cannot hear them at first, that is ok. They know. As long as you keep your focus on introducing yourself with an open, playful, kind heart – they will respond in like. Again – they know.

Swim calmly and with ease and a open heart. Practice swimming with as little splashing as possible.  Dolphins are very sensitive to the sounds and vibrations around them.

Allow a dolphin or pod the gift to choose to swim with you. They will know exactly how to invite you in and share time with you by matching your swim speed and abilities. If you are seeing their tails, quiet yourself and say thank you for the time you had, even if it was a momentary ‘hello’.

Always remember your swim partner. It is easy to get lost in the euphoria and forget you have another human partner with you. This is to make sure you are both safe.

Honor other swimmers

Go slowly and quietly, and watch for swimmers who may be around you. In your eagerness to swim with the dolphins you may accidentally cut someone off. Just like driving a car, please be aware of your surroundings.

If you see someone swimming in an intimate connection with the dolphins, don’t approach.  The dolphins know you are there and when they are ready they will come to you.

Is there time to tour the island and check out some of the other attractions?

This is a full immersion retreat and to honor the unique cohesiveness and sacred bond that is created during these group experiences.  If this is something you would like to do, please arrive several days before or choose to stay after the retreat to fulfill your hearts wishes to explore.

If you did not find your question answered here, feel free to contact us at any time: