WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is an eco-friendly, family-run sanctuary located within 5 minutes of some of this island’s Best Beaches to swim with dolphins and other amazing marine life.

Kealakekua Bay comes from ke ala ke kua in the Hawaiian Language which means “The God’s Pathway”.

As you step out on to the huge lanai of  WhaleSpirit Sanctuary and take in a big breath of the fresh, flower filled, tropical breeze, your heart will open to the gorgeous ocean view. Your soul will know you are now in the right place and you will understand why this is God’s Pathway.

At WhaleSpirit Sanctuary the mornings will gently awaken you with the sounds of the ocean mixed with the sweet songs of the island birds. This sacred sanctuary is protected by the powerful Majestic Pali cliffs. The sheer cliff to the right of the sanctuary is called Pali Kapu O Keōua which overlooks the bay and is the ancient burial place of Hawaiian royalty. As you meditate and rejuvenate you will be comforted with an overwhelming quiet and a sense of being cradled in the arms of Spirit. You will feel protected and at peace.

WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is a natural environment, untouched by toxins and chemicals.  The beautiful Balinese inspired architecture has many hand carved statues, art and furniture imported from Bali. It is two minute drive or 10 minute down to the bay and only a 5 minute drive to (great snorkeling) and the City Of Refuge. WhaleSpirit Sanctuary will become your “Home Away From Home”.

Shared/semi-private and private rooms are both available and are based on registration choice. Private rooms are available for couples.

A sun set over Kealakekua Bay.