It is your time to AWAKEN and/or accelerate your AWAKENing process through our Dolphins AWAKEN Spiritual Retreat. All are chosen for this next stage of evolution and yet few hear the inner call and find the courage to follow their soul’s guidance.

This AWAKENing retreat is designed for those who are listening. This is a very rare opportunity to immerse yourself into ancient mystical wisdom and powerful healings assisted by Grace, Jeffrey and the Dolphins. Their gentle guidance will encourage you into your greatness.

We all stand at the threshold of a supernal crossroad. Each of us has to begin to make a decision: evolve or go extinct. For those who choose to evolve up to the next octave of vibration, we must AWAKEN and prepare our soul body to shift into it’s higher state of awareness.

For some of you your AWAKENing process has been gradual like watching the morning dawn emerge. For others you are experiencing various quickenings, it can feel like someone suddenly opening up a shade allowing bright light into what was once a cozy darkened room.

Wherever you are at on this process, Grace and Jeffrey and the Dolphins will meet you there to guide you through the next steps. They will help you with healing the wounds of the past that may be holding you back. They will stand by your side this week as you find your courage to overcome any fears that may be blocking you from moving forward.

Grace and Jeffrey’s (and the Dolphin’s) tools and skills are vast. Combined together they have a power few have had the opportunity or gift to experience.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to choose to awaken the joy of creative expression and knowledge in others.”

~ Albert Einstein ~


Grace and Jeffrey (and the Dolphins) have dedicated their lives to transformation and helping others transform and awaken their own process. The AWAKEN Retreat is extremely powerful. For your soul, it will be expansive. For your heart, it will be loved. For you, it will be a moment that will AWAKEN you to an adventure you will never forget.

Facilitated by Grace and Jeffrey (and the Dolphins).  Their harmony together is a rare and magical mix. It will not matter where you are at on your journey as Grace and Jeffrey are given the gift to be able to meet you there, then walk with you as you open yourself forward. This week is designed as a full immersion experience to allow you to transform, learn, let go and AWAKEN.

Interweaving this journey with the dolphins is like turning the master switch to your heart. It is common to experience laughter, just being, tears, new friendships and most importantly….meeting yourself. This retreat is an immersion into presence, connection, and your own oneness.

Grace is an Essene mystic and internationally known healer, spiritual teacher and mystic poet. Her deep wisdom, comforting love and powerful healing energy has touched the lives of people all over the world. For nearly thirty years she has been offering her divinely inspired gifts of heart awakening and inspiration for the upliftment of humanity and the earth.

She draws much of her wisdom from the ancient lineage of the Essenes, and teaches our interconnectedness to all life, the earth and the cosmos. She gently yet powerfully guides us in our healing and spiritual unfoldment, bringing into our awareness the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit as a vital part of our path to wholeness.

She has facilitated many healing and awakening retreats, assisting thousands all over the world to return to their own true divine nature. An Essene Minister, she lives a simple life of purity, close to nature, and has devoted her entire life to the path of love of the Divine. This she expresses in her service to all beings and to the earth. She had a Healing Center in Assisi, Italy for many years as well as in Mt Shasta, California.

Grace has been swimming with wild Dolphins for the past 25 years, assisting many people with their first Dolphin encounters. Grace holds a profound reverence and respect for these super-conscious Beings and considers them her teachers.

Grace’s website:

Jeffrey is an internationally known energy healer and instructor teaching and speaking all over the world. As a healer he is often booked 5-7 months out with a long client wait list. Jeffrey is a powerful intuitive and has been trained by Native Shaman in animal and other earth commincation. He is kindhearted, gentle as he is grounded in presence. Jeffrey’s clear and compassionate guidance is developed to help people discover their own powerful abilities to achieve greater self-awareness.

“He has a way of seeing the real you and holds a very grounded space for you to unfold.” S.Millet

“Jeffrey has a unique ability to communicate some of the most complex mystic teachings in a way that is easy to understand while applying to your life.”  T. Redding

In the business world Jeffrey is known as a Transformational Specialist. His corporate clients often refer to him and his intuitive skills as “The Secret Weapon” or “The Business Whisperer”. He has wizard-like skill when seeing the dynamic energies that affect a business.

Passionate in the realms of co-creating a greater harmony on earth, personal growth, business advising and energy medicine, Jeffrey created CareerHearted LLc, an evolutionary online course for small business success for right brained artist and healers, where Mother Nature and the 7 Chakras are the core business model and structure.

For 20 years, Jeffrey also lead a life as a very successful fashion/advertising photographer.  He now co-leads and mentors a group of over 400 creative artists to help expand their own professional success.

Jeffrey has been swimming with dolphins since 2003 and has some amazing stories to share. He has been gifted with some deeply pentrating downloads, teachings and healings. He loves to bring his camera to the dolphins and it is obvious they love being photographed. Jeffrey once had his dolphin photos presented at the United Nations.

Oh! and he is also an incredible cook.

Jeffrey’s websites:  •

“And if I were to tell you 

that the world has no existence 

outside of your mind,

could you bear the brilliance of your own light~

could you look into the face of God

and realize you are THAT…?”

– Grace

A photo from 2003 of Jeffrey and Grace sharing a sacred 3rd eye transfer blessing on Mt. Shasta.


If this is your first time or your hundredth time – you are in for an amazing experience most people only dream of. The stories of profound healings from these mysterious, inter-dimensional beings go back to the beginning of time. Highly social and energetically very playful, Spinner Dolphin love to interact with their human counterpart.

At times you may find yourself embraced in a swirl of dolphin bliss or quietly floating on the surface, making a deep and personal eye-to-eye connection. If you are lucky, a mother may feel safe enough with you to show off her curious new baby to you as well.

Your time with them will allow powerful energies of healing to be transfered through you. They are very aware of their role in supporting your AWAKENing process for this retreat and they willingly and joyfully love to interact and aid in excelerating your journey.

When you share your love and joy, they will respond.  It is not uncommon to see them lose themselves in total joy and bliss of the moment and jump and spin out of the water.

Nai’a is the Hawaiian name for dolphin. These magical and majestic beings will gift you with a sence of euphoric oneness that will leave you changed forever.